Since December 1992, the Regional Foundation represents in the Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region interests of the off-budget Russian Fund for Technological Development at the Ministry for Industry, Science and Technologies. On its behalf, the Regional Foundation provides selection and preparation of regional R&D projects for receiving financing.

Since November 1997, the Regional Foundation on behalf of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE) has been carrying out preparation of innovation projects for getting financing within the frames of the FASIE programs.

In addition to these foundations having granted the major pool of the funds raised, the Regional Foundation assists innovation projects’ applicants in getting investments from the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, and the Saint Petersburg Administration.

Among the recipients of the financing enjoying the support of the Regional Foundation, there are: the S.V. Lebedev Synthetic Rubber Research Institute; the Russian Scientific Center “Applied Chemistry”; the State Research Institute of Extra Pure Biopreparations; the JSC “Svetlana-Electronpribor”, Saint-Petersburg; the JSC “Avant-garde”; the State Enterprise “Laser Center” at the SPb. Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (former LIFMO); the State Scientific Center “Electropribor”; The State Research Center of the RF, the Krylov Central Research Institute; the State Enterprise “Central Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering” (on the base of researches executed by Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences), and a number of other small enterprises of Saint Petersburg.

Attracting financing to innovation projects has allowed saving and creating more than 2500 jobs at the Saint Petersburg scientific and technical sector.

Targeted budget financing

The Regional Foundation renders assistance in attracting financing in the frames of competitions announced by the Federal Agency for Science and Innovation within the federal target research program "Studies and developments on priority directions of development of science and technology" on 2002-2006's.
If your project matches the main criteria of the program the Foundation will help you to prepare a set of competition documents and to arrange a state contract.

Venture capital funds’ investments

The Regional Foundation as an associated member of the Russian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association contributes to attracting finances for R&D from venture capital funds, private equity funds, and other investment institutes. The Foundation renders assistance for innovative companies competing for investments to get prepared to participation in the Russian Venture Faire and other Russian and international events in the area of venture entrepreneurship.

This assistance helps the companies’ management teams to:

  • learn the principles and methods of work with VC&PE investors;
  • master the practical skills of preparing materials and presenting their company to a potential venture investor.

The Foundation’s experts provide individual consulting during the process of preparing investment proposition of a company for potential venture investor.

Within preparations for the Russian Venture Fair, the Regional Foundation conducts specialized training seminars covering wide circle of matters including:

  • the venture business philosophy
  • modern state of VC industry in Russia
  • business plan as the foundation of successful investment proposition
  • assessing a company’s value
  • peculiarities of presenting business to venture investor.

Consultations on organizing technology innovation activity

The most important kind of services rendered by the Regional Foundation to scientific and technical organizations and enterprises are the advices on:

  • preparing business plans, agreements, contracts, covenants;
  • searching and selecting investors and partners on products’ development, manufacture and realization;
  • project financial management.

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