In March 2008 the ITC RFSTD celebrated its 12th anniversary! 

Innovation Technological Center (ITC) was created on the base of Saint Petersburg Regional Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development (RFSTD) according to special determination of the Saint Petersburg Government and the Ministry of Science of Russian Federation as one of practical steps towards realization of the agreement “On the cooperation in the field of forming and realizing innovation, science and technology policies” of July 04, 1995.

There are more than 20 small innovative enterprises within the Innovation Technological Center (ITC) currently, working in the areas of opto- and microelectronics, microwave engineering, chemistry and new materials, metal-working, and software.

ITC RFSTD is a member of the «ITC Union of Russia» and it is a leading innovation and technology center of the North-West of Russia.

The ITC mission is rendering infrastructure support to the high-tech SMEs innovative activity.

The essential features of ITC activities are the following:

  • non-profit character warranted by RFSTD, profit on operations of which is directed to ITC material resources’ development;
  • In contrast to technoparks of Saint Petersburg, ITC RFSTD doesn’t have a bent for any university (though having strong connections with their innovative structures), and oriented toward interacting with the science intensive industry of the North-West region on the whole;
  • Effective interaction with “Svetlana” PLC with the aim of serial developing of high-tech production created by ITC.

Totally 65 companied have been the ITC’s residents since 1995, and 30 of them outgrew the scales of ITC and changed their disposition to other industry grounds, including mutual structures organized together with: “Svetlana” PLC, “Svetlana-Optoelectronics” JSC, “Virial” LLC, “Impulse Technologies” LLC, “Construction Company “Diamond Technologies” LLC, “Svetlana-Growth” JSC.

Many companies have the certificates of quality conformance to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

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