Igor Gladkich – Executive Director of the Regional Foundation.

10 years experience in the area of support of innovative entrepreneurship and technology infrastructure development in Russia. At the position of the Director of Russian Venture Fair, he manages preparation of Russian companies for participation in the Fair’s exposition and for working with private equity investors. Since 2006 being the Director of New Finnish-Russian technology and innovation centre in St. Petersburg, he executes selection of Russian companies for establishing cooperation with Finnish partners.

Participant of the SITRA fund’s program «Russian Future Makers in Finland» patronized by the President of Finland. Manager of monitoring projects within the frames of the federal target research program "R&D in the priority directions of science and technology”.

Albina Nikkonen – Director of Foreign Connections.

Promotes the development of the Foundation’s international connections. Organizer of number of events devoted to innovative, scientific and technical development annually conducted in Russia and abroad: conferences, round tables, master classes for the innovative companies’ managers. Being a member of the Russian-American Innovative Council on high technologies, she heads the Working Commission of the Council on broadening investment opportunities, as well as manages the Center for Russian-American cooperation in innovations, science and technology created by the Federal Agency on Science and Innovations.

Vladimir Spivak – Director on Project Management.

Engaged in selection of promising innovative, scientific and technical projects and their “packaging” for presentation for investors. Possesses great practical experience through the whole cycle “research–manufacture–exploitation”. Since 1978, being a chief constructor of the board radio system landing equipment of the orbital spaceship “Buran”, non-expendable space transport system “Energy-Buran”, provided cycle of development, manufacture of the equipment and successful automatic landing in 1988. Awarded with “C.P. Korolev’s Medal” by the Cosmonautics Federation of the U.S.S.R. The Director General, and one of the founders of the Innovation Technological Center, ITC (one of the first in Russia). Member of the Expert Council on Innovations at the State Duma Committee on education and science. Heads monitoring of most important government-level innovation projects in the frames of the Federal Agency on Science and Innovations.


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